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Mont + Penny

Puppies due from Monte and Penny

Penny is a light Fox Red color, hence her name. Anyone that meets her notices her beauty. What’s more, she has matured into an excellent hunter. Penny lives with Alec Ossorio. Alec worked for SLK a few years back and is part of our family. Penny is a finished dog and is continuing to get better and better at her game. She trained easily and should pass these traits down to her puppies.

Monte is bold. He thinks he can do anything…which is actually an excellent trait for a gundog to have. Monte has a very strong build. He is big boned, with a large square head. Monte’s personality is very endearing; he enjoys hanging out at the at home and at the office. We became fast friends from the moment he arrived. Monte was raised and trained in Ireland. He was used for a pickup dog for driven shoots but also is a natural waterdog and has no fear. Mont is the “full package”: driven, controlled, strong, handsome, smart, biddable, but also with an off switch. In other words, Monte is “My kind of dog….”

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