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Mont + Sally

Monte and Sally have puppies coming soon

Sally comes from two renowned Irish Field trial champions: FTCH Kilmona Jodi (Belle) x FTCH Apache Joe (Prince). Sally loves to work. She has an excellent temperament both in the field and at home. Sally is extremely well bred and weighs about 55 pounds. She is a strong swimmer and should pass wonderful traits down to her puppies. Sally lives with Mark Hagwood and his family in Jackson Mississippi.

Monte is bold. He thinks he can do anything…which is actually an excellent trait for a gundog to have. Monte has a very strong build. He is big boned, with a large square head. Monte’s personality is very endearing; he enjoys hanging out at the at home and at the office. We became fast friends from the moment he arrived. Monte was raised and trained in Ireland. He was used for a pickup dog for driven shoots but also is a natural waterdog and has no fear. Mont is the “full package”: driven, controlled, strong, handsome, smart, biddable, but also with an off switch. In other words, Monte is “My kind of dog….”

Later Event: March 25
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