We can't thank you enough for the new addition to our family, Finn. Finn has turned out to be everything and more that we thought he would be, especially considering he is less than a year old. Finn has not only been a great addition to my hunting, he is a joy to have around the house and gets along great with our other two dogs. We already love him more than we thought we would have.

His first retrieve was a wood duck that came in and landed in the water about ten feet in front of him and I thought, ooo boy, here we go; thinking he was going to be gone after seeing the duck land so close. To my surprise, he held tight and did not move until after the bird had been shot and he had been sent as he was taught. I have to admit that I was nervous of a dog that weighed barely sixty pounds retrieving the giant Canadian geese we shoot here in Illinois, but again to my surprise it was no problem. His first goose wasn't the prettiest retrieve ever, but for a dog to drag a giant Canadian goose through a corn field 45 yards shows that he has drive. It did not take him long to figure out his own method of carrying these heavy loads. 

You have been so accommodating, answering all of my questions and always calling back when I called you for help. Everything you said Finn would be he is, and so much more. 

Mike and Tasha Saltzman