I just wanted to tell you how happy we are with our new dog Huck. He's been great. He had a long 16 hour ride home with me and he did well. He took to me right away. Once we got home he got to meet the family. I was a little worried about having a new puppy and a three-month-old baby boy. I couldn't believe how great he was in the house with us. He is very well behaved, everywhere I take him people can't believe he's only 10 months old because he listened so well. I got to take him hunting within a couple of days and was pleasantly surprised. He held so well, I was very impressed he made a couple retrieves out about 100 yards the first time I took him to the river. It is so nice to have a dog that holds well, it makes a big difference when you're dog stays tight until you tell him to go. This dog can hunt all day and turn it off when he comes home, it's really nice. Thanks for everything we are very happy. I sent some photos of him in the house and in the field. 

Eddie Winfield