Marty, Our waterfowl season ended Sunday and I thought you'd be pleased to know that Lu had quite a season - retrieving 270 ducks and geese. January was especially tough with a lot of thin ice-not quite thick enough for the dogs to walk on but thick enough to make retrieving difficult. Who would have thought that a Mississippi dog would be a great ice breaker? I think you might be surprised at the dog Lu has become over the past 4 months. She is still the sweet girl you sold me but I had no idea that such a sweet, quiet dog would be such a driven retriever. She made a lot of retrieves where she had to break ice for a hundred yards. She simply will not give up. All of my hunting buddies are amazed at her determination. We have had a lot of retrievers in our duck club over the past 30 years and Lu may be the best all around. We had a few dogs with her level of desire and a few dogs that had Lu's great blind manners and a few dogs that were as biddable for handling, but none of us remember any dogs that had all of these characteristics at the level Lu does. 

Lu did a great job on upland birds as well. The upland training you gave her was perfect. She hunted solo and she also hunted with pointing dogs and other retrievers. She really likes upland birds. She quarters well and is very controllable. She hunted pheasants, quail and huns and did a great job hunting them up and bringing them back with a nice soft mouth retrieve. She could use a little more "ring savvy" when it comes to dealing with those running, backtracking roosters but that will come with more experience. 

Around the house, she has perfect manners. She is quiet and simply likes to be part of the family. She loves our grandkids and vice versa. As you can tell we are thoroughly smitten with her. 

Lastly, my vet thinks that she may start to have cycles soon. She has gained a little weight and has started to display some effects of increased hormone production and sexual maturation. Maybe she is just a late bloomer. I'll let you know if it happens. 

Carol and I want to thank you for your great work in breeding and training this wonderful dog. We feel blessed to have her.

Stan Shultz