I purchased a black male pup from Marty Roberts in November 2010 out of Harvey and River. I live in Texas, so Marty picked me one out and I named him Tank. Marty started him in July 2011, and when it was time to pick him up Marty said he was progressing at a good rate, so I left him 3 more months for advanced training. I brought him home in December 2011 and took him duck hunting. First hunt he retrieved 28 ducks! He ended up with about 70 for the second half of the season. It takes Tank one time to figure it out and he's on. 

I entered him in an AKC hunt test this spring and he received his Junior Hunter title in 2 weekends. Pro trainers that saw him run said he's got a lot of drive and is an extremely good marker for a young dog. I plan on running him in an AKC Senior test and also an HRC test this fall. 

I highly recommend Marty and his dogs along with the expert training. Tank is also a great house dog and companion, but most of all a hard hunter. Thanks again to Marty and his staff on a job well done! 

Jimmie Hammond